Best Fishing Kayak 2020 Buying Guides and Reviews

Fishing Kayak

Kayaks are a growing pattern in the realm of fishing, offering anglers a cheap as well as exciting way to go out beyond the shore.

Before companies began developing kayaks especially for fishing, it required really quite a good deal of practice and skill being the hang of snagging fish without tipping over. Modern fishing kayaks, nonetheless, are created for stability. Many folks are very sound, in reality, the user is allowed by them to fish while standing up!

As with any boat, although, fishing kayaks are not a one-size-fits-all product. You will find a selection of hull shapes, lengths, plus formats to select from.

In this guide, we will expose you to all our favorite kayaks in the fishing group. We will enable you to choose between the thin, more versions that can be much better for extended trips, and also the broader versions that happen to be much more sound, but are not as easy or fast to paddle. We will also explain exactly why we picked the recommendations of ours over the competition!

Which Fishing Kayak is Ideal for You?

If you are on a tighter budget, or perhaps just choose something compact, choose the Vibe Kayaks Skipjack ninety! It is extremely workable for solo anglers both on the water as well as on the go. It handles very well in most conditions and is extremely well equipped for something and so small and affordable. Do not expect this to observe as well or even go up to our larger recommendations, however. Some people will also find it also compact for the needs of theirs.

Our excellent choice for people who would like a bigger boat has a great deal of worth to novices and expert kayakers alike. The Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 130 is roomy, stable, moreover yet reasonably affordable. It is the fastest of the 3 over the water, and definitely most roomy. In case you are a separate boater searching for a stable, flexible fishing kayak with a lot of space that is available, the Vibe is recommended by us!

The recommendation of ours to the average customer will be the Perception Pescador Pro. We believe it is a great middle ground between compact’ deluxe models and yaks such as the Sea Ghost 130. It is manageable for a good paddler to transport solo, and also provides you with the very best of all the worlds. Additionally, it works extremely well in most conditions. It is of absolutely no lesser quality than the other recommendations of ours, and also the one limits are definitely the size and also not enough rudder.

Consumers having a significantly larger budget might in addition need to take a look at the Hobie Mirage Outback. This one’s somewhat of an oddity, since it’s pedals made in. MirageDrive can make fishing on rivers very simple, and the ample storage room, speed, and balance of this particular kayak helps it be a favorite of countless seasoned anglers. It improves on many areas of the Malibu, though it does cost substantially more. We do not suggest it to everyday anglers. This one’s a good option for somebody who is going to get a great deal of use from it, and also enjoy the choice of pedals.

Best Fishing Kayaks

Issues to Consider Before choosing a Fishing Kayak

You’ll find a couple of things you must think about before setting the mind of yours with a fishing kayak.

1. Loading Capacity

When you head out onto the water, you are going to need room for the gear of yours as well as, water, food, as well as additional clothing to name a couple of items. It’s thus essential to make sure that the angler kayak you choose features a good maximum load capacity, that could have you and your fishing gear and any add-ons.

Different kayaks have various loading capacities beginning from 200 lbs and soaring to thousand lbs. When you would like to have your spouse or kid with you, choose a tandem kayak with correct loading capacity.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that kayaks with higher loading capacity are heavier in weight. In case you’re searching for simple maneuverability choose a reasonable loading capacity, e.g. 250 400lbs.

2. Number of Seats

Seating is very critical in a kayak, as it decides just how many individuals will be accommodated on the water. Angler kayaks vary from 1 person to 3 person models, allowing solo paddlers and family members equally to use a blast out on the water. In case you really enjoy switching between paddling solo, in tandem, and also with your family or friends, subsequently a 3 person kayak shall be ideal for you. In case you like solitary and quiet period on the water, probably the best choice is choosing a 1 person kayak.

Additionally, be sure you choose a padded and breathable seat for optimum comfort during lengthy periods on the water.

3. Water Safety

Any kayaker understands the benefits of safety while away on the water, and which is the reason it’s needed for you personally to select a kayak that’s recognized for its balance. Generally, wider kayaks are going to provide you with higher stability, nonetheless, they’re heavier and slower also compared to their narrow counterparts.

4. Extras and features

Last but not least, you have to locate a kayak that has capabilities that complement the fishing type you’re performing. The characteristics you are able to pick from include kayaks with several rod holders, several storage choices, have handles, molded in bottle holders, a skeg for monitoring, a narrower width (better for much more skilled anglers), foot pegs, thigh braces, spray skirt allowances, shock deck rigging, as well as a general ergonomic design.

After you have created the mind of yours, stop lounging around and purchase the fishing vessel of yours which means you are able to leave on the water quickly. And do not forget to tell me how large a fish you hauled in!

Top ten Best Fishing Kayaks 2018

#1 Riot Kayaks Escape twelve Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak

Roit Kayaks

The Escape twelve Angler Kayak is a 41.4 lbs thermoformed fishing beauty, that could easily support 300 lbs of load without breaking a sweat. In case you buy the Escape twelve, you are going to benefit significantly from its comfy high back seat, the adaptable foot brackets, and pilot rudder system.

This kayak likewise includes 4 flush-mount rod holders, a drain plug, scupper holes, a paddle hook, back deck shock cord storage, a forward hatch with protection, as well as an integrated system. The versatile functions of the boat will assure you’ve a sleek and customized fishing experience whenever.

What we liked

  • Sit-on-top design which is adored by many anglers
  • Rubber handles that create the kayak simple to have
  • Sliding foot braces
  • Stand assist straps which ensure it is easy to stand up
  • A pilot rudder device and a good anchoring system
  • 5 rod holders together with an adjustable one
  • Adequate storage space for your fishing gear
  • Glass holders

What we did not like

  • Does not observe well
  • Has an uneven bottom
  • Limited load capacity
  • No middle storage

#2 Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Angler Kayak

advanced elements strait edge kayaks

Advanced Elements has excelled once again, this period with a 9 ‘8″, forty one lbs crossover angling kayak which will blow the mind of yours. The Strait Edge angling kayak boasts of optimum balance, amazing durability, magnificent haulage and customizable kayaking options.

One definite advantage of this particular kayak is it’s self bailing features, ensuring performance that is great while in larger waves. Plus in case you want opened waters, subsequently the aluminum ribs on the bow and stern will help make your tracking as simple as ever.

This kayak can also be fitted with customizable features like a fish and rod holders finder, ensuring that all those hard-to-catch fish will likely be within the reach of yours. But the features don’t end here; you’ll also enjoy the advantages of a padded and a spring valve,, paddle holders, bungee deck lacing, stainless D-rings and breathable seat.

What we liked

  • Made from an industrial and puncture proof material
  • Better tracking
  • High support adjustable padded seat for maximum comfort
  • Has a removable mounting rail so that you are able to include extra rails for a fish finder and rod holders
  • Ample storage room to accommodate all the fishing gear of yours and accessories
  • Comes pre assembled so you won’t have much assembly work
  • It can feel rather stable

What we did not like

  • The kayak is a bit of expensive
  • Some customers complained of molding defects around the inflation plugs
  • The self draining plugs are hard to access when the kayak is inflated

#3 Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90

vibe kayaks

Vibe Kayaks’ Skipjack ninety is the greatest compact fishing kayak on the market today! It is easy, well-equipped, and affordable for anyone to handle by themselves. At 9′ and also less than fifty pounds, it is ideal for the solo angler who wants to make things simple. While there are definitely bigger, much more elaborate choices, the Skipjack is able to compete with models 3 times the price of its for execution and quality!


It is small and nice! Compact kayaks are really underrated, as much as we are concerned. Should you love to angle solo, and do not have the frame to control a significant 12 foot vessel, something this way is ideal. It is not difficult to transport, for a beginning. You are able to fit it in the rear of countless pickup and SUVs trucks. The entire thing weighs under fifty lbs and has four carrying handles making life simple.

Additionally, there are benefits to getting a smaller craft when you are on the water. You are able to turn with less difficulty, and you will have less fat to push about!

The Skipjack ninety is not your typical compact craft, however. Actually, it does and any Ocean Kayak for monitoring and stability. We have discovered it is super easy to maneuver, and also it handles wonderfully in surf and bays. Calmer waters are a slice of cake. That is most down to the healthy keel design (and, of course , the sit-on-top format).

Because it is such a nimble navigator on the water, you are able to get it virtually anywhere. Unlike most other small fishing craft, it is absolutely appropriate to tackle coastal fishing trips and inland ventures.

It is much better equipped than many other compact fishing kayaks. One traditional disadvantage with smaller sized models is they tended to be really bare bones. Not the Vibe! It includes 2 dry bag storage compartments, with the liners included. There is in addition a seat and have a backpack integrated and bungee storage behind the seat. Loads of space for all of the essentials, put simply!

We also like all of the options for positioning the fishing gear of yours! There are four rod holders straight from the factory, and there is even space for a 5th. You are able to quickly get a much cooler in the back and have a smaller dog along.

Despite the size of its, we have discovered it is still very comfortable, quite possibly for larger paddlers. The molded foot rests provide you with many choices for positioning, without the difficulty of correcting the rests themselves! We cannot picture anyone feeling cramped in here, though it is not as amply proportioned as our different picks.

Thus, it handles very well, and also includes all of the essentials but will it last? Oh, hell yes! We have just recently become huge fans of Vibe Kayaks for their high quality construction and also superb quality control. There is hardly any reason why this should not last you for a long time.

Vibe is in addition an excellent business to deal with, unlike many companies only at that price. They provide excellent customer service, and useful online tutorials to help you started out with setup so forth.

This’s a company which stands behind the product of theirs! The Skipjack includes a lifetime guarantee on the hull, and one year of coverage for all of the attached components.

it is countless dollars less than the Perception Pescador, though It has about similar regarding performance and quality. Of course, that is partly as a result of the smaller size. Nevertheless, the Skipjack is a remarkable value. You receive a totally free paddle, too!


The one important downside we have found: the Skipjack’s factory seat is not great. We have heard several accounts of snapped straps, although we have not encounter that personally. Far more than anything else, however, it basically lacks padding. Do not purchase a boat for the seat, though! You are able to quickly swap the factory one for anything much better. Head over to the guide of ours to the greatest kayak seats to find suggestions!

Clearly, something this little is not perfect for bigger catches. People who chase bass would possibly be much better off with a much larger craft, provided they’re able to transport and manage it easily. But in case you realize you cannot tackle something like the Pescador by yourself, stay together with the Skipjack!

Furthermore, you will certainly not monitor as well or even go as quickly in this as you’d with an extended craft. This one is great for the class of its, though it will not be for everybody! When you need even more space, choose the Perception or even one of our other huge picks. If speed and monitoring are definitely more critical compared to nimble performance on coastal waters, you would be also much better suited with something a bit longer.

#4 Perception Pescador Pro

perception pescador pro

As anyone that knows Spanish is able to estimate at the title, the Perception Pescador is created for fishing! It is an excellent all purpose vessel and the recommendation of ours to individuals that wish to fish on a budget. Although this is not the least expensive fishing kayak accessible, it is the most affordable great fishing kayak we have discovered.


It is a pleasant midsize craft which suits both new and experienced paddlers alike! At twelve feet, it is really reasonable to move on your own (in case you are ) that is strong or perhaps with one helper. It is roomy enough to be comfy, without making it difficult to transport. General, we believe it makes a great compromise between roominess and compactness, and between price and quality.

It is extremely affordable for what it’s. This’s really a rebranded Wilderness Systems Tarpon, that had been a more costly vessel famous for a number of years. The Pescador will keep similar exceptional design, quality, and effectiveness, but is a lot, a lot less expensive.

It performs very well in virtually any conditions. The hull shape and profile provide excellent tracking for essentially small vessel. Additionally, it is speedier than some other little fishing kayaks, though the stability is retained by it you need for angling. You are able to work with this particular on lakes, rivers, or maybe coastal waters with no problems.

Despite not being as deluxe as our pricier recommendations, it incorporates all of the fundamentals for fishing. It’s day hatches in the bow, stern, and facility for keeping tackle. There will also be 2 flush mount rod holders, and a caster rod holder. Overall, it is pretty much like the Vibe Skipjack, just lacking a rod holder and receiving a hatch.

It is both a terrific first kayak, along with a small alternative for experienced anglers that like something smaller. It is user-friendly and affordable enough for novices to enjoy, but in case you have got some leagues under the belt of yours, you will not really feel as in case you are lacking very much apart from space and additional amenities.

While our much more expensive fishing picks are much larger and have higher amenities, they do not provide substantially better quality. This’s as tough as you might want, and also features a spotless track record for the long run. It is able to handle scrapes and bumps without issue.


Despite the reality that it is much less expensive compared to our other recommendations below, this’s still not really a little purchase. We believe you get a great deal of value from it, because you are able to paddle it absolutely wherever and you get all of the essentials.

It does not have all of the dry bait and compartments storage features that you will find on the Stealth fourteen. Neither does it have all the cubby plus hatch options we enjoy on the Hobie. You do not have rudder options, sometimes. Naturally, all those things are accurate of the Skipjack. The point here’s that the Pescador Pro is beginning to enter the cost range if you begin to see all those additional features.

This’s our preferred midsize craft. It is a good balance between tracking and quickness and maneuverability and compactness. When you would like a little more space, although, choose the Sea Ghost below!

#5 Hobie Mirage Outback

Hobie Mirage Outback

We have kept the Hobie as a See Also choose instead 1 of our primary recommendations, just since it is so gosh darn expensive! Nonetheless, it is absolutely phenomenal. This’s the 2017 model, that has received plaudits from pro and amateur reviewers alike. We think it is the best paddle driven choice on the market! Outside Magazine along with other periodicals agree.


While at this time there are a number of additional standout features, it goes without saying that the Hobie’s distinguishing feature is definitely the pedal drive system. We know: the notion of pedals on a kayak may conjure up visions of cumbersome and slow-moving paddle boats, though we are huge fans of the MirageDrive feature.

It is a convenient and speedy method to get around that which actually leaves your hands free for fishing. All things considered, you are able to barely cast a line using a paddle in the hands of yours!

The pedals help make this a great option for individuals who wish to fish a river without drifting continuously downstream. You are able to pedal yourself installed while you fish. They could also be a far more convenient way to go against high winds.

The seat on this unit is yet another well designed feature we love. It is adjustable, enabling users to establish the best ergonomic spot for paddling or perhaps pedaling. The seat also offers lumbar support – news that is great for fishermen with awful backs! It is a more comfortable design than some other types on the market, in addition to many aftermarket seats you are able to purchase.

As with the Stealth and Pescador fourteen, the Mirage Outback is impressively stable. Despite the pedals, it is still a sit-on-top style, therefore it is able to deal with wakes and currents with ease. Its additional weight in addition is available in handy there.

Like our other picks, you make use of it anywhere, though the majority of individuals do not find pedals helpful at sea. It tracks sufficiently to deal with the surf, and is not too bulky for a longer time lake jaunts. What is particularly good in waters that are rough will be the retractable rudder for better maneuverability and tracking.

It is as well outfitted as the Stealth fourteen, just in a smaller frame like the Pescador. The Mirage Outback comes full of a lot of superb features, which includes rod holders, a gear bucket along with a luggage area. If perhaps you feel as if changing up your boating schedule a little, the Mirage Outback likewise includes a sail mount!

We like the quantity of accessible cargo space which the Outback provides. With pockets, rod holders and also storage area, this particular unit enables you to take absolutely everything required for the drive. it is also wider compared to the Stealth fourteen, that is the reason It is roomier than other 12′ options.

It’s all kinds of various storage options and ample room. You will find cupholders of various sizes, cubbies on the roof of the hull, bungee pockets, and also several extra hatches through the body. You will in addition keep back long and well running shelves for basic storage.


The cost of this model will probably be the primary drawback for customers. Though not many owners regret the purchase, the Mirage Outback is in no way a cheap model. You can get several Pescador’s because of the price of just one Outback.

For many, the non traditional pedaling option may well not be appealing. It is just a must have feature in case you frequently fish in rivers, or even in case you simply like the leg workout. Nevertheless, in case you are not planning to use it, you’ll be able to simply save cash by choosing the Pescador or perhaps even Stealth fourteen.

The Mirage Outback is on the heavier side, because of the industrial hull material and also pedal drive mechanism. So, paddling longer distances can be a thing of a chore. The mass also makes it harder to move on land on your own, therefore several kayakers might have to get the assistance of a friend.

#6 Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak

lifetime sport fisher kayak

The Lifetime Sport Fisher is a sixty lbs, 10 foot fishing monster with intricate details and top-of-the-line design. Probably the most amazing feature of this roomy kayak is its healthy seating, because it is able to support as much as three people, which makes it ideal for even a family excursion.

The dry and high seats is improved through the incredibly stable tunnel hull design, that enables you to comfortably sit side saddle as you fish, or perhaps perhaps stand in place for a much better vantage point. The style of this particular kayak offers 2 padded backrests, several footrest positions, molded carry handles, a molded paddle cradle, and fishing pole holders. Additionally, it has handy scupper holes, a 6 inch rear storage hatch, plus an optional accessory mount.

In case you’re searching for a durable recreational kayak which could comfortably accommodate you, the family of yours, and the gear of yours, then the Lifetime Sport Fisher kayak is certainly for you.

What we liked

  • Made from high density polyethylene to provide durability and strength
  • Ample space to accommodate as much as three people
  • It’s 2 ergonomic seats with a comfy backrest
  • Has a watertight compartment to maintain your gear safe
  • The kayak includes all of the accessories you have to get started
  • Very steady to resist tipping or even dropping into the water
  • Fairly priced

What we did not like

  • The car seats aren’t cushioned
  • Hard to maneuver in windy conditions because of its length and light in weight design
  • The kayak has olive green color which is akin to water vegetation, making it hard being seen

#7 Hobie Pro Angler 12

hobie pro angler 12

When you do not have restrictions regarding cash, I will suggest you this premium Hobie product. The 12 foot Pro Angler is everything stylish and functional at the very same time.
This little kayak comes with a few great features and additions which are difficult to find these days, performing complete justice to the funds you invest in it.

You receive a bow hatch, additionally there’s a rod storage to mount your fishing rod when you’re not using it. Also to ensure you’re on the proper track, GPS are facilitated by this kayak, Fish Finder, and any other electronic device mounts.

When looking at comfort, the Pro Angler does not actually flinch. Its backrest allows you a safe and healthy sitting position which will stabilize the spine of yours. Add to that the Mirage 180 paddling process, that is going to let you paddle without the participation of the hands of yours so that you are able to focus much more on fishing.

The high end style of this particular kayak enables it being quick and swift around the waves and also uncomplicated to maneuver from difficult corners. Did I point out the floor mats and carrying manage along with the leash of 12 14 feet? Yup, you are going to have them also.

What we liked

  • Through the most difficult water and weather is survived by this thing conditions
  • Easy to maneuver
  • The Mirage Drive causes it to be a comfortable experience to paddle this particular kayak for a longer time distances
  • Even with being a 12 feet kayak, this one is quick, really quickly
  • A huge storage room to utilize when fishing
  • Lightweight and will fit on the rear of any pickup truck
  • The rust-resistant H-rail causes it to be ideal for saltwater fishing
  • Dries faster compared to some other kayaks

What we did not like

  • Price may result in headaches for even the very best among the fishermen

#8 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

wilderness systems tarpon kayaks

Wilderness Systems is a recognized product when it comes kayaks, particularly fishing kayaks. The Tarpon 120 is yet another well designed kayak provided by the organization which is great for recreational purposes in addition to fishing. It’s really comfy and built with amazing attributes like a paddle holder, a cup holder, self billing scupper holes, keepers XL foot brace system, gear storage pockets, in addition to a storage hitch.

It’s a quick kayak, though it’s not ideal for you in case you’re fond of fishing while standing. Though it’s not very stable, it works fantastic while you are flooring it and fishing. This’s because the Phase three AirPro seating system is really comfortable.

The sit-on-top style is great for individuals that require a clear image of warm water and would like a simple method to get into and exit the kayak. The seating system is really comfy and it is slightly raised from the bottom part of the boat to make a pleasant fishing experience.


  • It’s self billing scupper holes.
  • It’s little.
  • Comfort along with good breathability is provided by the airpro seat.
  • The leg length is adjustable.


  • The rudder process needs to be purchased individually, which helps make it costly.

#9 Ocean Kayaks Trident thirteen

Ocean Kayaks

The Ocean Kayaks Trident thirteen is a quick kayak and is ideal for big bodies of water because it is able to achieve distant locations effortlessly. Nevertheless, in case you’re not a seasoned kayaker, it is going to be a little challenging to deal with the kayak in waters that are rough.

It’s built with a casual Hybrid seat back that provides lumbar support and a tall backrest to offer seating that is comfortable on the person. The frame is strict, as well as the seat is a regular molded one.

It’s an adjustable foot brace system which enables you to set the role of the knee based on the degree of comfort. There’s a sonar shield storage compartment along with a modular fishing pod center console also which offers access that is easy to the fishing rods while you are fishing. The kayak is transducer compatible as well, and there’s simply no need to change the scupper holes to set up the transducer.


  • You will find adjustable foot braces for numerous paddlers.
  • There’s space that is good to put fishing rods & electronics.
  • It’s extremely quickly and cuts through water smoothly.
  • High maneuverability is offered by it.


  • It’s a narrow beam.

#10 Native Watercraft Slayer

native watercraft slayer

Native Watercraft Slayer is a favorite kayak and is built with a lot of green features for fishermen. It’s a sit-on-top style and, therefore, allows easy and comfortable exit and entry options. It provides incredible tracking capabilities due to its hard chinned rudder-ready hull. The hull also includes a prominent keel that improves the tracking features of the kayak.

The seating method of the kayak is rigid and comfortable and consists of an aluminum frame with a suspension mesh which is adaptable. The seat may additionally be reclined and set based on the preference of the person.

Moreover, it’s a Tag Along wheel much like the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel and also features a dry storage compartment for putting something you want. You are able to also easily add other tools or rod holders for the assistance of yours and think of the kayak as handy as you would like.


  • It’s a heightened helm response.
  • The Tag Along wheel aids in transporting.
  • It’s an adjustable seating system.
  • It provides safe electronic gear mounting.


  • It’s a narrow beam.